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Frozen OmenXIII lirik lagu:

[Verse 1]
I’m frozen

Smoked out, I’m a ghost now
Round town words out XIII do the most now
Trunk thump when we roll out
Bump subs til they blow out, glass shakin woah now

Slow down, if you really think that you can fuck with anything I’m doin
You’ve got somethings to think about before you even try to move in
Grooving fluent, you’re the student, I’m the truant pushing units
We’re consuming the pollution that the humans left behind for their own kind
Only proving that we really aren’t so kind
Rewind, like it’s 2009 studded belt on my waist while I’m sippin red wine

Blades and them knives in my pockets I don’t fuck with problems bitch what’s the commotion
Ain’t got no ice on my body but obviously because my soul is frozen

I’m frozen
I’m fro-
I’m frozen

Produced By Cansino