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[Verse 1]
Fuck with me? Bitch I wish you would, Bitch you wish you could.
I’m a king, keep that understood, bitch watch where you stand,
On demand, 10 thousand demons ready to attack.
Fuck yo set, Always steady flex but you do not impress,

Where you at? Where you at? Bitch we posted in the back.
All black, countin stacks, we got bands, we wants racks.
Issues on issues on issues, all that you have when it’s your time you misuse.
You are not the only one that’s been through shit
at the bottom of the barrel don’t you ever get it switched bitch

Switchblade swangin, switch blade slayin’.

[Verse 2]
Money stack, in the shadows, 50-50 on these tracks, Where you at?
Spend a half, flip that shit and make it back, Where you at?
Never had a rack from doin what I want, but now I do
Try to fuck with us but we won’t fuck with you, Where you at?

Where you at?