lirik lagu Off The Edge OmenXIII

Off The Edge OmenXIII lirik lagu:

I’m getting tired of being tired
I feel so sick of feeling sick
It’s life that brings me down
And it’s death that gets me right back up again

I’m at the bottom of the barrel
But the gun is empty
My friends said not to jump
But I’m up off the edge already

I’m out of sight of mind, sippin, smokin, passin time
Doin everything I wanna do just tryna live my life
Airplane mode stay on my line
With some misfits sippin wine, rippin tearin up these woods then flippin threads my threads online

Last year nobody knew my name, last year nobody knew my pain
This year everybody know I’m OmenXIII with ten black nails on my face
With them chains hangin off my waist, I ain’t really acting anything changed
‘Cause shit’s still the same, bitch it’s just another day, with the same old blades in the same old place

Off The Edge
Produced By MISOGI

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