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Recycle The Flith OmenXIII lirik lagu:

Last year it was “what’s my name” but, This year it’s fuck you pay me
This here rap shit bounce back so quick everybody still really tryna hate me
Everybody really think they know me, everybody that I know ride for me
Everybody I know die for me, Always on my grind can’t get too cozy

You ain’t on my level, there ain’t really any better flow level up whenever I wanna let it
I don’t let up, I just get up and press to the fuckin metal like I’m mental
Never stoppin, always watchin but I haven’t been seeing anything
Any team, or any other individual makin moves worth praising
I break my neck on a regular basis, after the show it’s back to the pavement, bitch

Recycle The Flith
Produced By N o t m o r g n